Thursday, June 15, 2017

Cover & Blurb Reveal: Iago Wick and the Vampire Queen

As a demon, Iago Wick has made quite a career out of conjuring mischief and mayhem in the name of Hell, but this time, perhaps he’s gone a bit too far.

After deliberately foiling the plans of a spoiled vampire—all in the name of fun, really!—Iago discovers that the vampire in question is no ordinary bloodsucker. She’s the newly-appointed matriarch of one of the oldest vampire families in America, and she’s very angry.

Soon, Iago is caught in a war with the vampires and their cyborg servants. Will he settle his score with the clan of bloodsuckers or will Iago find himself at the mercy of the Vampire Queen? What precisely is the matter with those strange cybernetic servants, anyway? And most importantly, will Iago ever get the smell of garlic out of his clothes?

Iago Wick and the Vampire Queen is a 17,500-word short story prequel to The Lovelace & Wick Series.


I'm positively delighted to present the cover and blurb for Iago Wick and the Vampire Queen! Those who follow my newsletter, Of Demons & Discourse, have already seen it, but this is its official reveal to the rest of the world.

Stay tuned for the official release date--those who follow Of Demons & Discourse will receive the short story for free.

Until next time!

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