Thursday, April 13, 2017

Demons and vampires and cyborgs, oh my!

Oooh, look! A fancy title card.
The Last Temptations of Iago Wick has been released for a little over a month now. Thank you to everyone who has supported the book so far.

So, to answer question number one (because I've gotten this several times now!): YES, Iago Wick is the first book in a series. This series will not only include other books, but short stories. I've been calling it The Lovelace & Wick Series, since those gentleman demons will be the focus of each installment. These characters have really taken me by surprise. They have so much to say! (Iago, in particular, truly does not know when to shut up.)

I'm taking this opportunity to announce the next publication, a long-short story/short novella, titled Iago Wick and The Vampire Queen. Yes, we're pairing demons with vampires because that always ends spectacularly, right? This story has been an absolute blast to write. It takes place just months before The Last Temptations of Iago Wick, and it's been a joy to further explore Marlowe, Massachusetts. I won't say too much yet, but I will say this: there are cyborgs.

Also, I've completed a draft of the next novel in the series. This novel will focus more upon Iago's partner in crime, Dante Lovelace and sees Dante and Iago teaming up with a crafty witch named Beatrice (much to Mr. Wick's chagrin).

Keep an eye out for the cover reveal of Iago Wick and The Vampire Queen soon. In the meantime, if you haven't picked up The Last Temptations of Iago Wick yet, it's only 99 cents on Amazon.


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