Sunday, March 12, 2017

Pinterest + Writing: Aesthetic Boards

I must confess, I have a Pinterest addiction.

Of course, I use the site to track recipes and fashion and vacation ideas, but I also adore using it to create boards for my books.

The Beldam's Eye deals with ghost hunters in rural Ohio, cursed objects and the spirits tied to those objects. One of my favorite things to do is to explore the haunted places in the state of Ohio, and so it's been fun to pin some of the places I've actually visited before! Key scenes also take place in the Hocking Hills region of the state, so I've added a few pictures from those trails. This board makes me want to travel every time I look at it! In these photos, you can see an eerie passageway from Old Man's Cave and also Moonville Tunnel (bottom right, second image), which has been featured on some television shows. My understanding is that the scariest thing at Moonville Tunnel is actually the number of copperhead snakes you'll encounter, but I've never been brave enough to trek out there!

Meanwhile, The Last Temptations of Iago Wick is the story of a demon in late 19th century Massachusetts. There are some Gothic and Lovecraftian elements to the book, and so a lot of my pins for this board convey that sort of atmosphere. There are also some elements of Steampunk in the book, and I've had fun incorporating that into the board, as well. So, why the cake? Well, Iago Wick likes cake. It is one of the few human indulgences he allows himself, so this board doubles as a place to collect cake recipes, both modern and period-appropriate!

But I haven't even mentioned my favorite part of the Iago Wick board...

The clothing! Mr. Wick is a very snazzy and theatrical dresser, but I've had so much fun finding clothing inspiration for all of the characters.

So, how about you, gentle reader? Do you make aesthetic boards for your favorite books or WIPs? Let's chat in the comments! And you can check out the aforementioned boards by clicking on the title links above.

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