Thursday, May 3, 2018

Who's Who? in Binding Dante Lovelace

In the second book in The Lovelace & Wick Series, Dante and Iago are joined by some familiar faces and a whole lot of new ones. Here's a peek at some of the new characters, both good and bad, who have a role to play in Binding Dante Lovelace.

Beatrice Dickens--a witch.

In a book called Binding Dante Lovelace, it only makes sense that someone is casting a binding spell (or engaging in a bit of kinky fun, but we won't go there). Miss Dickens is our spell-caster! Beatrice is a headstrong, if not slightly naive, woman who promises her soul to Hell when she binds a demon to better her own powers.

Unfortunately for Mr. Lovelace, he is the lucky demon in question.

Zero Bancroft--a demon hunter.

This is not the sort of gentleman you want to encounter in a dark alley. Mr. Bancroft is a clever and ruthless hunter who has discovered new ways to battle minions of Lucifer. (In particular, he's quite tired of dealing with Iago Wick.) Bancroft has a plan to eradicate the world of supernatural beings... along with a good chunk of the human population. All for the greater good, he says...

Harry Foster--a scholar.

Mr. Foster is a dedicated scholar of the supernatural, and he's also Beatrice Dickens's sweetheart. Don't worry about the messy library and unkempt stacks of notes; just call it organized chaos.

Charlotte Cutter--a proper young lady. Sometimes.

Miss Cutter is a dear friend of Harry and Beatrice's from childhood. She may be offended by ginger snaps (too much flavor!) and act as quite the wet blanket, but don't let that fool you. She has secrets to tell.

Harriet--an automaton.

Every demon needs to stay informed. Iago receives his daily dose of gossip and information from Harriet, who roams the streets of Boston before reporting back to Mr. Wick.

Lucretia Black--a demon.
Lucretia would simply DIE over this outfit, if, indeed,
she had the ability to perish.

Not every demon enjoys working for Hell. Take Lucretia Black, who defected and abandoned her Hellish duties. Don't worry. She's kept remarkably (and fabulously) busy, and she'd be happy to tell you all about it over a glass of good bourbon.

Gregor Hawley--a demi-demon.

Mr. Hawley is proud of his demonic heritage. He can proudly claim to be 1/32 (or is it 1/64?) demon. Centuries ago, his ancestor got more than she bargained for when cavorting with a demon lover. *ahem* I wonder who that lover might have been...

Devorog--a monster.

Don't make eye-contact. Just keep walking. No... I take it back. Running. Just keep running! It's gaining on you!

You can get to know these characters, as well as catch up with some familiar faces, in Binding Dante Lovelace on May 24th.

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