Monday, February 13, 2017

Book Announcement: The Last Temptations of Iago Wick

I'm terrible at keeping secrets, particularly when they excite me. It has been so difficult to keep this under wraps, and I'm thrilled that I can finally talk about this book!

It's my pleasure to officially announce the upcoming release of my fourth book, The Last Temptations of Iago Wick. It's my first book published in over FOUR years. I took a long break from publishing my writing, and I knew when I returned, it had to be for something I really believed in. Iago's story had been floating about in my brain for five years already when I sat down to finally write about him.

He has been such a joy to write. I cannot think of another character of mine I've had such an incredible relationship with. Some characters constantly haunt you and push you to the nearest computer or notebook to write their stories; Iago DRAGS me to the computer, pushes me into the chair, and says, "Write."

And so, without further ado, I present The Last Temptations of Iago Wick:

For centuries, Iago Wick has meddled in the affairs of Man for the benefit of Hell—and had a damnably good time doing it. As one of two resident demons in eerie Marlowe, Massachusetts, he’s claimed some of the foulest souls for Hell’s legions. Now, with the twentieth century approaching, Iago is ending his tenure as a master of temptation and mischief. His final assignment pits him against The Fraternal Order of the Scarab, a society as secret as it is exceptionally unpleasant.

Enter Thomas Atchison, the mysterious and ruthless inventor-turned-demon hunter with a burning desire to obliterate Iago--how charming. They are quickly thrown into an exciting game of cat and mouse. With the help of his partner, Dante Lovelace, Iago endeavors to topple The Order and unlock the secrets of Atchison’s shadowy past. 

What is Thomas Atchison hiding behind that frigid exterior? Will Iago succeed, or will Atchison conquer clever Mr. Wick?

The Last Temptations of Iago Wick will be available in Kindle and paperback format on February 27th, 2017.

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